The Sorbact® method is an innovative approach to reduce bioburden in wounds without using any chemically active agents. Instead, a physical principle is used to bind bacteria and fungi to the dressing in the presence of moisture.

  • Effective against all common wound bacteria – even against MRSA and VRE
  • No development of bacterial resistance
  • Sorbact® - fast, safe and effective
  • No promotion of bacterial endotoxin release
  • No Contraindications, non-allergenic
  • Reduces wound odour

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How to use - Sorbact Compress

How to use - Sorbact Gel

How to use - Sorbact Ribbon Gauze

How to use - Sorbact Surgical Dressing

Supporting Videos

Antimicrobial, or Microbial Management? Presentation of Sorbact evidence by Dr William McGuiness

Dr McGuiness provides a summary of antimicrobial use in wound care, the options available to the clinician, and reviews the evidence for the bacteria and fungi binding dressing Sorbact, and the unique opportunities that this method of reducing bioburden represents across a broad range of wounds.

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Wound Infection & Antimicrobials & A Microbe Binding Dressing? - Margo Asimus

Margo Asimus presents the research on the use of Bacteria and Fungi Binding Dressings (Sorbact) as the 'First Choice' Antimicrobial Dressing in a large Community Nursing Organisation.

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Use of Sorbact as an Interface or Filler in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - Terry Swanson

Nurse Practitioner Terry Swanson provides a summary of the challenges faced by clinicians in product selection for use in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and presents a case study of her own use of Sorbact in NPWT

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Expert Panel Q&A session - 2018 Melbourne Sorbact Symposium

Q&A session from the 2018 Melbourne Sorbact Symposium. Chaired by Jan Rice. Left to Right: Margo Asimus, Terry Swanson, Kerrie Coleman, Sally James, Dr Geoffrey Sussman, Dr William McGuiness

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Sorbact as 'First line' Antimicrobial treatment of Chronic Wounds - Sally James

Clinical Nurse Consultant Sally James discusses the challenges faced by the Chronic Wound Service of a major Metropolitan Health Service and the positive impact of using Sorbact as a first line Antimicrobial dressing.

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