GUM® Trav-Ler®


GUM® Trav-Ler® 1.6mm, Dispenser (36)

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1.6mm, Dispenser (36)
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The interdental brush always ready to use - compact and portable.

A complete range of 9 interdental brushes, from the thinnest to the widest, for a complete hygiene of all interdental spaces. Ensures optimal cleaning and comfort: -The bristles are treated with chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent to keep brushes cleaner between uses. -The brush head adjusts to 90° to facilitate access to the spaces between the teeth in all areas of the mouth. -The ventilated cap performs the dual function of protecting the interdental brush and extending the handle, which facilitates its use and makes it possible to reach areas in the back of the mouth without difficulty. ISO standardization for manual interdental brushes states that it should be measured by the minimum diameter of a hole which the interdental brush can pass through without stem deformation

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