Ezy Dose is the market leader in quality, easy-to-use medication management products.

The range includes pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill planners, calibrated medicine spoons, portable pill containers and droppers, all thoughtfully designed for ease of use.

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Flents empowers families with commonsense health and wellness solutions that take the question out of healthcare and put the confidence back in your hands. This trusted brand provides simple, no-frills solutions for home healthcare and personal protection help you feel better and back to doing what you love.

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GUM provides quality solutions for all your oral care needs, from daily routine to advanced gum care, orthodontic needs and much more.

GUM is comitted to helping everyone take complete care of their teeth and gums, including the tiny spaces between teeth or along the gumline - where most conventional toothbrushes cannot reach. Keeping these spaces clean is essential for our gum health and overall wellbeing.

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Our growing Ezi Med range includes:

  • earplugs
  • pill cutter/crusher
  • pill reminders
  • specimen jar
  • medicine measure
  • travel wristbands
  • medical ID bracelets


New products include a range of Cast & Bandage Protectors, and hot water bottle.

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It's Carson's passion for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction that has made them:

The #1 manufacturer of magnifiers in the US

The #1 manufacturer of pocket microscopes in the US, and

A leading supplier of binoculars

Bayport Brands are the exclusive distributor of the Carson range in Australia.

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Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Multi award-winning nutritional range from Wellness Warrior and Best Selling Author, Simone Thomas.

Expertly formulated and scientifically backed.

Reclaim your confidence and put your health first.

From hair growth to gut health, you'll find the perfect supplement for you.

Bayport Brands is the Australian distributor of products produced by global manufacturer Laboratories URGO.

At URGO Medical, our mission is to support healthcare professionals and make a difference in the lives of their patients.

As the healing company, our research, innovation, and development teams are committed to create evidence-based treatments to improve patient outcomes and reduce healing time.

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VACUTEX™ wound dressings utilise a patented 3-layer structure of Polyester and Polyester-Cotton filaments, which works mechanically as a low level “pump” through capillary action.
Creating a negative pressure of 68mmHG, VACUTEX™ can be used to treat hard to heal wounds with moderate to heavy amounts of exudate and slough.

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