A major player in the European market, GUM is dedicated to serving people who want to take exceptionally good care of their
teeth and gums.

GUM are passionate about oral health because it is the gateway to our body health. Mouth and body health are connected in
unexpected ways - just like a poor diet can affect sleep and mood, GUM believe our mouth health can have repercussions on our
cardiovascular health as well as our metabolic health. Holistic mouth care is an important foundation of a healthy body and GUM
pledge to deliver it, with the greatest attention to detail, every day.

GUM see the body as one big interconnected system, and are keenly aware that little things can bring about big changes. Their
wellbeing will help prevent a butterfly effect – a chain of events that could test your mouth and body health.

GUM’s ambition to clean where most conventional toothbrushes don’t - requires a zest for detail and perfection. And lots of ingenuity
– our toothbrushes and interdental brushes are skillfully designed to reach more areas of our mouth and deliver a full mouth clean.
They are created to do so with ease - we believe thoroughness should be within everyone’s reach.

The good things in life not only do good, but also feel good. GUM are devoted to injecting delight into oral care and to making every
gesture, every ritual, an enjoyable, feel good moment.


2023 GUM Catalogue