Following recertification and packaging updates under European MDR, Vacutex is now undergoing Variation to ARTG Entry.

The Vacutex range is being prepared for relaunch in Q2 2024.


What is VACUTEX™?

VACUTEX™ is a special type of wound dressing that consists of a patented
3-layer structure of Polyester and Polyester-Cotton filaments, that
mechanically works as a low level “pump” through capillary action. It is
not identical to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy but has an autologous
mechanism like NPWT. VACUTEX™ creates a negative pressure of 68mmHG
and can be used to treat hard to heal wounds with moderate to heavy
amounts of exudate and slough.

What are the benefits?

VACUTEX™ facilitates the healing of hard to heal wounds, by improving oxygen levels and reducing exudate and oedema levels in and around hard to heal wounds.

Significant reduction of superficial and deeper oedema in and around the wound. Reducing oedema will improve the microcirculation and the blood supply in and around the wound, creating a significant faster wound healing process. As long as there is oedema in and around the wound, the wound will never heal completely.

Elevation of the local (1mm) and deeper (3-6mm) oxygen levels in and around the wound. This will improve the oxygenation of the wound tissue and granulation tissue will be created faster.

VACUTEX™ contributes to the mechanical debridement of the wound by removing debris out of the wound. VACUTEX™ will help to create the necessary wound bed preparation to achieve an optimal wound healing process.


When to use?

Indications VACUTEX™
Diabetic Ulcers, Venous leg ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Acute/Closed/Surgical wounds with oedema issues

Contra indications VACUTEX™
Arterial bleedings, Combinations with paraffin-based dressings.