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At URGO Medical, we are here to heal people. It is our mission to support healthcare professionals and make a difference in the lives of their patients.

We have made the diabetic foot ulcer a key priority, with the aim to close wounds, save feet and save lives for patients with diabetes and eradicate amputations and death as a consequence of diabetic foot.

Bayport brands is the Australian distributor of products produced by global manufacturer Laboratoires URGO. In partnership with Bayport Brands, we supply the healthcare market across Australia with evidence-based wound care treatment and support.



At URGO, our research, innovation and development teams are committed to creating tomorrow’s healing solution. We believe in evidence-based treatments and continually invest in clinical research (clinical trials and observational studies) to demonstrate the efficacy of our products. We want to provide you and your patients with innovative and effective products.


Sterile non-woven pad, composed of poly-absorbent fibres that are highly absorbent and cohesive for complete cleaning action.

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UrgoStart Plus

Features a soft-adherent TLC-NOSF matrix combined with poly-absorbent fibres to clean, heal and close wounds faster at any stage of healing.

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The local treatment for patients at risk of delayed healing. The soft-adherent TLC-NOSF matrix heals and closes wounds faster.

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A non-occlusive flexible and conformable dressing. It features the Technology Lipido-Colloid Healing Matrix, creates a moist environment that promotes healing and atraumatic removal.

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Absorbent alignate dressing combining fibres with hydrocolloid.



Dual compression system combining the benefits of inelastic and elastic bandages to ensure continuous, consistent, and comfortable compression.

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Sterile hydrogel for moistening dry necrotic wounds to accelerate the healing process.

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Hyper oxygenated oil composed of essential fatty acids used to improve local blood circulation and increased skin resistance to prevent the occurrence of pressure injuries.

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UrgoClean Ag

UrgoClean Ag is a desloughing polyabsorbent pad coated with TLC-Ag. UrgoClean Ag is the only anti-biofilm dressing that provides complete and continuous cleaning action in the wound.

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UrgoTul Ag

UrgoTul Ag is the flexible contact layer impregnated with the TLC-Ag to fight local infection and restore the healing process.

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How to apply UrgoClean


How to apply UrgoStart Plus NA



 How to apply UrgoStart Contact Layer

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 How to Apply UrgoTul Ag

How to Apply UrgoClean Ag





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