Quality Policy

Bayport Brands is an Australian import and distribution company supplying medical and pharmacy accessories and consumables. We strive to bring innovative, high-quality products to our relevant markets, and we are constantly looking to expand our portfolio to introduce world-class health and wellness solutions.

Accordingly, we aim to provide products that meet our customers’ requirements with high levels of quality and customer support. This involves determining our customers’ needs and expectations and aligning our product offer accordingly. Our customers expect products that are safe, reliable, optimally priced, and delivered on time.

To achieve this objective, the management at Bayport Brands is committed to implementing, maintaining, and continually improving our quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015. We actively identify non-conformities in the quality management system, along with opportunities for improvement, and focus on rapidly addressing them professionally and efficiently.

All staff, in our organisation, including management, employees, and contractors, are expected to contribute towards the following goals:

1.       Ensuring that Bayport Brands is a market leader in the supply of medical accessories and consumables.

2.       Increasing the profitability of the company.

3.       Providing professional service and support to our customers.

4.       Adhering to applicable legal and regulatory requirements and ethical business practices.

5.       Implementing processes to improve the quality of our products and service, while following relevant procedures.

The successful operation of our quality management system relies on the cooperation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Our commitment to quality reinforces the continued success of our company and enhances the satisfaction of our customers, employees, and suppliers.

As Bayport Brands, the General Manager is responsible for ensuring that all the requirements of this quality management system are implemented, maintained, and continually improved. Any non-conformities or significant opportunities for improvement are to be brought to the General Manager for resolution.


Version 1.3 (6th November 2023)


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